Rwanda Ngororero is one of many kinds of coffee beans, which have diverse scents, from mixed berry jam, strawberry taste, dried slab apricot flavor to Merlot wine or berry-like acidity. Ngororero, in South Africa, seems to wrap a pretty forest into a coffee bean to send to people all over the world.

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Grown at the height of 1600 – 2000 MASL, Ngororero coffee plants have the finest coffee beans. Last October, the station received two top prizes in the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards, a prestigious prize for coffee. A jury of coffee quality experts lauded Ngororero’s coffee as “Best of the Best”. With this prize, a Rwandan coffee beat other finalists from less surprising coffee countries like Brazil or Colombia. Specifically, more than 1500 coffee consumers worldwide also loved the coffee above any other, giving it the “Coffee Lovers Award”.

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Ngororero washing station produces naturals only at the start and at the end of the harvest season. The natural process follows the meticulous method for selection and drying of the cherries. After selection and rinsing, the cherries go straight to the drying tables. They are spread out in a very thin layer to prevent mold growth during the drying and to ensure even drying.

After 3 weeks, “sweet forests” are ready to travel to give off scents all over the world.

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